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Learning commons – Alberta Policy

Source: www.teachers.ab.ca

Alberta is the first province in Canada to address the role of the learning commons in teaching and learning.  

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How to Turn Your School Into a Maker Haven

Bringing making into school classrooms is as simple as taking the first step, no matter how small.

Source: blogs.kqed.org

Great project ideas here – places to start….

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Low Tech, High Gains: Starting a Maker Program Is Easier Than You Think – The Digital Shift

Has the maker movement taken hold in your library yet? Starting a maker space is easier—and less costly—than you may think. Technologies such as robotics, digital video production, computer coding, and 3-D printing may garner the most attention, but traditional activities instill the same spirit of invention, collaboration, and critical thinking of the maker phenomenon.

Source: www.thedigitalshift.com

Some good ideas here – like how maker spaces are described. Encourages strategies for starting within your budget.

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Uncommon Learning Commons

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Taking the Learning Commons to the Next Level

Ephansen‘s insight:

accompanying website for a presentation that @geekteacher and I did at 2014 Alberta Teachers’ Conferences. Ppt is there in two parts as well as all links mentioned.  Main emphasis is on the Virtual Learning Commons (VLC) and the link to  the physical. 

See on uncommonlearningcommons.weebly.com